Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I will share some of our family news....first tomorrow I get my first SS check....with the good news comes the fact that I feel the pinch of getting older. It's strange how it just happens when you were not looking. You look in the mirror and wonder where you went because this lady isn't you on the inside.
But you then think of all that you have done and will do....so you keep on keeping on.
Arney starts a new career Monday morning. It won't be a big paycheck, but it will be enough. It will give us some travel money when the time comes. He will be in Customer service tools which will be fun for him. You know how men are and their tools.
I wanted to share that the little flat dolls were a hit...I thought the first graders were the best. They were not afraid to just have fun with them. One little girl wanted a pink doll and everything she put on it was pink. She carried it all over the fellowship hall in her little pocket. I am not sure what our next craft will be, but I am thinking Halloween.
I have a sinus thing going...not sick, but not well.

Fall is in the air and some leaves are turning.