Saturday, February 16, 2008

something for a Saturday afternnon

The idea was from Norah' take a picture from the news paper and also a napkin and make a picture to draw...I decided just to collage. I thought this would be really fun to cover one of my boxes sometime. I used a picture of a Trolley before since it has been in our news. We are trying to bring it back to our valley since we need to stop drinking so much gas. Any-way, it was fun to find stuff. Also the soldering iron is for crafts. I want to make tiny little picture frames. All aboard! The napkin is the little houses on the bottom. It was a summer theme.

What did you get?

While some of you were getting flowers, Candy, maybe a special dinner or dinning out for Valentines day...I got a sodering iron....Don't get me wrong, this is what I really wanted. It just started sounding funnier as Arney and I talked to the point of good old laughter which is worth a million. It is really sunny and nice here today. I am by myself since Arney works till ten tonight. I can get in alot of trouble while he is gone....chic flic, not doing anything that would be exhausting like cleaning. Have a great day, mary My spell check isn't working and I am a horrible speller.....not good!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


The snow is's to be in the 40's today. Now it will get gray and ugly until spring comes. Of course it could snow again. Although I have had some bad day's where I have ate too's hard to teach a old chic new things. I have lost a total of 8 pounds. When I think of that as very little....I think of what a pound of butter looks like and then is better than adding on as I have been. I have so many idea's running around in my head...trying to settle on one thing and get going. I love making the collage boxes, and I will make some for the Church sale in fall. I have a desire to make picture jewlery. I have seen some and want to try it, we will see. Have a great Monday!