Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is in my kitchen....I keep things that are needed daily....I have a large laundry room slash pantry.

I have always liked this room, and since it is off the kitchen it has been many things over the years. I found that I had supplies here and there and spent alot of time looking for things I needed. So this is the begaining of my craft room. The back door is to the right and this was ones a laundry room...there was a hole in the floor where that lady of the house drained her washer. When I moved in it was a mud room. I am going to paint it. The blue counter top to the left is waiting for a make over. I am still sarching for the right tile. Just a little view of my space. Hugs, Mary

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was going through some pictures and found this one. The color was turning some strange color so I made it into this. Note the clock in the was very popular in the 60's early 70's. This is the fall of 1970. I had worked all day making this dress and finding all the stuff that was matchy-matchy for us all. We were all going to a Halloween Party at our friends house.
Autumn has always been good for me. I would lay-away Christmas just after Halloween...Arney never understood that I had to get ready, time would fly.
I was a very busy Mom with my two little boys...little did I know when this picture was taken that Jenny our little girl would join this little family soon.
Happy fall, I have watched almost all the tree's let their golden leaves fall, soon they will all be bare. We have about 3 inches of leaves to rake. We are having a really pretty fall. The news shared that skiing will start on Thanksgiving day on some of our mountains. I can see snow on the mountains all around us. Soon I will be watching the snow fall. My boys are eight and a half months apart...that will make you think.