Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mama & Me

In memorie of my Mother, she is missed. I learned much about life from my Mama, she was a open book, each page brought a lesson in survival, making do with very little, her search for love when others would have walked away. Books are written about ladies such as she. I am blessed to have known her and to have loved her.
Mama & Me

Gifts for my little Mom's

Happy Mother's Day!
I made these for Kristie, Terri and Jenny. The one on the far right is for Jenny, it has a lock of her son Summit's baby hair. Terri picked out the one picture she liked while visiting at tax time. But she didn't know what it was really for. (click on picture to see it better)

This is my family, we all live her in Idaho within 20 miles of each other. They are wonderful people, all making a life that I love. And when we gather it is marvelous in my eyes & heart. ( click on picture to see them clearer)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prom Time

Kayla came over a couple of days before Prom and tryed on her dress for Grandpa & me. No makeup and hair not done, I still thought she looked beautiful. Her shoes matched the color of her dress, they were the strappy type so you could see her salon done matching green toe nails. And her nails were done to match also. She was Matchy-Matchy! These are the moments that stay with us, my little Sweetheart. Graduation is so close...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A garden in our orchard

We have had gardens here season after season, but this year we decided to make a special place for our garden. So Arney rolled up his sleeves and now we have a garden spot. Here are a few pictures. As you can see, I was working very hard taking the pictures. Wait a minute...I did hold the measuring tap ones....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last curtain hung

I finally got the last curtain hung....I had 5 big windows. I am still feeling week, but I am on the mind. Arney just drove in with a truck full of pickets. He is putting them around our garden. Now if the weather would just get warmer. I have bought some some Heirloom tomatoes from a lady here in town. Jenny found her for us and picked them up for me. But we have had night freezing, so we can't put anything in the ground yet. This has been a cold spring so far. I think we will have a short growing season. Thank you all for the get well notes. I am going to be fine....Hugs

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I am still on meds, but I am much better. I haven't done any real creative things this past days. I was just to ill. But I did go buy curtains....they are Cranberry crushed Voile. Now I couldn't have been to sick, I went shopping. Well, it was a sale and I have 5 big windows. While search through these curtains I broke out in a cold sweat, paid my money drove home and went back to bed.......But I got new curtains. I took the creativity test, I got 90 percent....
Baxter is taking his daily nap, he knows that I am taking this picture but does not move. Ho Hum, she is at it again!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A note

It has finally got me down, the allergy that is a head cold that is a chest cold...I will be back when feeling better. Hugs, Mary

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I just love Birthday's

It is finally Alexis Birthday week. A long with a couple of outfits, and the Album, I put together a hat box with play jewelry and things for her hair, and a boa, so with her sister they can play dress up. She is having a all girls Tea Party too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ones a Month

While looking through some old pictures I came across this label and it brought back some not so fond memories. This bottle of liquid was the most horrible tasting stuff. It was for cramps, so believe me after a couple of one knew when I had any problems. I think it was colored, flavored alcohol and who knows what else. But my Grandmother always had this on the self, it was kinda like Caster Oil, they gave it to you weather you needed it or not. I was wondering if anyone else remembered this being in their life???????

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Park around the corner

I have past by this rock that looks like a grave marker to many times to count. But the fact that it has my name on it always brought a little giggle. This is a beautiful little park just around the corner from our farm. Kids play in it all the time. I have seen students sitting under the tree's reading. I really like that it is called a on a evening that I have very little to share, this is it. My ego couldn't pass it by! TEE-Hee

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Album for Alexis

My Granddaughter Alexis is going to be 6 April 18th. It has been fun to make little albums for my family. I find that a dollar store is the best place to buy these little albums. They cost so little but you can do alot with them. I find a back ground that I think works for a little theme and then collage whatever I think talks to the person I am giving the album to. So this is one year in Alexis life...I did 50 pages filled with little events that I thought would have meaning to her. She loves pictures, so I knew this would be a fun gift. Knowing her, it will get alot of use.
These pictures are not good, but I thought you would get the idea.

Avery is Alexis's little sister...they are different in everyway you can think of, but they have a great time when they are not fighting.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Filling Stations

This is from the Dotson family....With the price of Gas going up daily this was fun to find today.

We are doing everything we can to save trip to the Market instead of three...just little things like that to save money. I think this little Filling Station is so cute...I am trying to find out more about the owner. I am sure it was a very distant cousin.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Family History

While looking at some family pictures...this was the most interesting. Back row with arrow pointing at him is a Uncle of mine on my Mother's side of the family. John Spencer B. Dotson,
picture taken in 1912. Uncle John served in the Civil War Company B 6th West Virginia volunteer Calvalry. Uncle John lived to be 96 years old. He was in the battle of Gettysburg amoung others. We are blessed to have a Dotson family site that has taken us back to 1752, and still searching. It is really a gift to know some of our family history. I would love to talk with this man, but like most vets, he probably wouldn't say much. Thanks to my Sister Sharon, her countless hours searching for our family. I just love the way they all look, so many stories, some lost to us, they were just living their life.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1927 Wedding dress

I took this picture at the Train Station here in Nampa. People have given so many special things from the past. This dress was made in 1927. It was interesting to see all the clothes from different years.
I am taking care of Summit this week, so he is my project....a truly wonderful time.

This cold is taking all my energy. I have been working on the album for Alexis, and I think she will like it. She will be 6 years old next month.

I have watched to much TV this week too, it is really hard to watch the news....we need some really good news for a change.

Almost all our Birds have come back home. Arney filled the feeders so they are very happy. The Robins are talking all the time...they seem happy to be back on the farm. My Tulips are almost ready to bloom. My Mother loved the Tulips when she stayed here for awhile.

It may snow tomorrow, so we never know what a day will bring. It is really pretty to see the flowers peeking out of the white snow. Maybe I will get a few pictures.

Nothing to exciting to share...Just wanted you to know that I am still here.

Big Hugs, Mary

Monday, March 17, 2008

A little Green

I was told that if you have just a pinch of Irish in ya, this is your day. I don't have any parties to go to. No parade down main street Nampa...but I am going shopping. I can spend alittle of the green...TEE-HEE. Have a good day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A very unhappy house

Like so many of you, I try to always have my camera with me. You never know when something will catch your eye. Yesterday while yard selling, I went down a road that was unknown to me. And there this neglected house stood. I didn't take a picture of all the trash in the back. I thought it unkind to dishonor this Ole Man of a house, un-kept and lonely standing in the blue sky. I thought of what it might have looked like in the snow. The truck in the back was also empty, someone lived here, but it must have been awhile ago. I am sure the local teens have found this.

A trash can sets in front near the door, so maybe the neighbors are trying to clean things up.

This was a strong well built house. Maybe a Homestead house.

My Fathers parents lived in a house not unlike this...oh it was clean and flowers filled the yard, the chickens ate the little bugs from the yard. And that old cat called CAT by my Grandfather, was the best Mouse hunter in the country. You could have thrown that cat through the wall, I remember as a little girl laying in bed and the moon light came in between the wood. No dry wall or anything so modern, but Grandma papered her kitchen wall in News Paper, she changed it now and then. I would sit at the kitchen table and look at all the pictures. So old houses really talk to me. I have wonderful memories of the little houses I lived in as a didn't matter what they looked like, they were warm with family love.

I have started a new blog because I need to put down stories, things that are in me that need to come to the for front. We will see!

So Good

I made Janet's Crock Pot dinner and we really enjoyed it. Nice on a cold evening. Thank you was Ymmmmmmmmie!
Spring is really in the air....I got to adventure into yard sales yesterday. I bought some beads, a brand new little rug for my bathroom, and last but not least, I found this Coach Bag for my Jenny. It cost me 5.00, and it is worth alot of money. I went to the Coach site and nothing there was cheap. Jenny came over last night and was so excited. It is soft leather, and fit her like it was made just for her.
As you can see, it is a purse/backpack. The pictures do not do it justic, but you get the idea. So I am feeling very pleased that it was waiting just for me, and I could give it to my Jenny.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Norah's Art made the most beautiful envelopes. I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I have these stamps that have lay in a box for years, now I will use them. I am writing my Sister in Law a letter and she will get it in the envelope...Thank You Sharon, I did this last night...sending Monday. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wash Day

It came to me that since I no longer work, I am very unorganized. When I was working everything got done in a timely manner. So here I am with all this time at home I dreamed of when I was working, and I seem to be letting the hours float away. It's not like I am sitting around eating Bon-Bon's. Which brings me to share how my Grandmother had a mental list of what her week would be. And believe me, it was done just so. I made this list last night as I remember her routine.

Monday-Wash Day

I remember handing her clothes pins. And learning how to fold little things. She was a story teller, and this is when she would share things with me. She seemed to have a story about everything. And since she was Seventh Day Adventist, God was always part of the lesson.

Tuesday-Ironing and mending. This was when I learned to iron tea towels and then aprons. I was so proud. Most of the mending she did by hand, but she had a sewing machine also.

Wednesday-Market Day...Granddaddy would come home early from work to take us shopping. List in hand off we went. Grand Mommy loved to shop, she looked at every little thing and would say how pretty it was or this would be of no use to me. I knew we would be going to the Dime store ---New berry's for a cherry coke while Grand mommy looked at fabric. She loved fabric.

Thursday- cleaning day, and that meant every...everything spit spot! Oh that cherry wood!
This seemed to be a day of just getting things done....
Friday- was baking bread, love the smells that came from the kitchen. All the cooking was done on this day. The weekend was like a long picnic. Cold fried chicken, yummm or that pot of beans with fresh bread...not bad. I loved my Grand mommy's chocolate pie...

Saturday- church and that could be a all day thing, sometimes we had visitors after church, and they would have lunch with us. My Grand mommy loved to feed people, no one was a stranger ones they passed through her door.

Sunday- a day of rest...a day trip to see family, or the park...or just staying home and playing games.

Now with all that good teaching, you would think I could honor her memory and do the same.
I left this all behind when I was 7 years old.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ready to give

I finished the box last night....I can hardly wait till Friday. The box was a little candy box. I took off all the advertising and collaged this paper on the box. Then added the vintage picture.
This was really fun to do....just had to share it with you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A little Irish

When I was a little girl (a hundred years ago) the stories of the old country was shared at family gatherings. I was always told, you look just like your great Grandmother. She had red hair and brown eyes. Just like me. And my Great Grandpa Miller would say you are just like her. I was to young to realize what this all ment until I was older. Her picture hung at my Aunt Sylvia's, so I understood what they were saying. Her name was Pershie Durban, she gave birth to 13 children in Kentuky and died soon after her last baby was born. Leaving Great Grandpa to raise all these children. The story of her life is so beautiful, and I am so blessed to have the story's to share with my children. My husband is a Evans...very Welch. And on his Mothers side we are very Irish in this family. So I am a Irish Indian...Oh no! Arney is a Welch Irish man. My poor children are a mess!
I will get back to blogland and all your wonderful blogging very soon. It has been really busy here, so much to do, so little time. Does anyones spell check work?
I know you have all been very creative while I have been elsewhere...Big Hugs, Mary

Saturday, March 1, 2008

1935 news paper add

I just read a book on the depression in the 1930's. It was very interesting because it was a child's Diary. It was really amazing how so many lived in that time including my father who lived on a farm with his family during the Dust bowl. In this Diary was a add from the local paper...I thought about what it said, it has such deep meaning. I remember when my Grandparents and even my Mama and Dad seemed to keep the strangest things. Paper was never wasted, use the back and the front my Mother would say. Don't lose those Bobby pins, I am not made of money. Food was never to be thrown away. If nothing else the Dog and cat got the leftovers. Or the chickens. I don't think I had store bought bread until I was about 7 years old. I can remember my Mother using the coffee grounds twice so that you got more coffee from a pound. I am sure that we were poor, but I didn't know anyone that was truly rich. I had 2 pairs of shoes, one for school and the other for church. My Mama had taps put on them so they would last longer. In the summer we just went barefooted, and if you grew to fast that was just to bad, no new shoes till September when school started. I am not unlike my Grandmommy, she couldn't throw anything away until it was either falling apart or to stained to get it out. Then she would take the buttons off and put them in a jar or can. I remember hair ribbons, they were hung neatly on a large hook at my Grandmommy's. The used nails in a can, they still worked, why throw them away. I could go on and on about this, but in these days of change, I believe we need to think more about the waste. Just a thought for a Saturday morning. I thought about making a sticker to go on my car. I just had a thought...gum, I would save it after chewing it all day. That does sound gross!

Friday, February 29, 2008

A gift for Kristie

I have learned alot about patients doing this project. This was fun, but with that came alot of time spent. Not a quick craft. Kristie's Birthday is Sunday and to be honest, I wasn't sure it would be finised in time. Jenny and I are going to the Mall in Boise Sunday to buy Summit's 8th Birthday gift from me. I will buy Jenny and myself a fun treat of cheesecake from the Cheese Cake Factory...yummy. No I didn't forget about my diet (change of lifestyle).Then we will take a piece of Cheesecake to Kristie with our gifts. I am excited to give it to her and a little nerves...Yikes!....on the back is their names.

Last Saturday was spent at the cheerleading regionals...Kayla was selectioned to go on to Nationals. This is a awful picture...but if you click on it, you will see the makeup, it is really pretty. Not this picture Grandma!!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lowe's Lead

Good news on a Monday evening. Arney got the Lead at Lowe's. He started the Job I think in late September, not bad for a newbie. I hope your having a great day. I am tired from staying up so late last night watching the Oscar's. Or maybe it was all the drinking..sure Mary!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Something new!

The first picture is my first frame. Arney spent the morning working with me, and I did this just a few hours ago.
I wish the pictures were better but the glass keeps catching the light. But I am sure you get the idea. I did it!
Yesterday while looking around one of our little shopes, I found this cabinet for my bathroom...I haven't put anything in it yet as you can see, but I hung my new project.
I think you might get bored with these, since I am sure this will take over my life for awhile.
I only have one slightly burned finger, I think that was pretty good, I know it will be the first of many. I burn myself almost every time I use my glue gun and we won't talk about how many years I have been using it. So tonight I take a deep breath and clean up my I can do it all again tomorrow....I saw your eyes cross!