Friday, January 11, 2008

I need the Book!

I need a book for computer dummies....Thank you so much Gail...we did it!!!!
Have a great day!

A new member of our pet family

Mattie Anne is 7 years old....she is a lemon Beagle....LB is a Blue tick Beagle and he is 3 years old. They got this new bed for Christmas....they also have to share with our Baxter the cat. Christmas eve Cory our son gave his family a puppy, they named him Oscar...we are all really excited about this little tiny Yorky baby Boy.
Alexis and Oscar....he has a bell so they can find him.
Avery's Birthday evening with family....she decided to take off her pants. We don't know why? She walks around with her arms crossed waiting for someone to place Oscar in her sweet.
Trevor and family have Harley the dog, Coconut the cat, Bubbles the cat & George the cat that came one evening and stayed.
This little Oscar is Cory's families only pet...
Jenny and family have Mogul dog, Mama cat, Mister cat, Cloudy dog, Sunny dog.
Not counting the ones we feed in Our barn!
Our devoted little friends.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Change is a good thing ?????

Just a little change of view for the new year....I may change my header too...I am in one of those mooooooooooooods!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Blog Day to Me!

How I found you! I had signed up for Blogger to write little stories and more or less a journal....but didn't do anything with it. I really had no idea how to start? I have always been a crafter, and I am always looking for something new. I had gone to Boise for the day, shopping for a gift for my daughter Jenny. I love Barns and Noble Bookstore, so I had to stop in and take a peek at all the goodies and that La ti. I found myself looking at Magazines. Found this one with all kinds of paper art, stamping which I have done for years, and it just drew me in and I bought it. I loved the pictures of collages and layered was really interesting. In the back of the book it shared that there were people blogging ATC's and I had seen a number of them in this Magazine...with that in mind I went back to the site I had made about 6 months before. I had tried making a ATC or two and thought I would put them on. They weren't very good, but it was all I really had to offer. My first visitor to leave a comment was Our Janet...It was very special for me. I was hooked! Thank You Janet and all of you who have taken time to visit my site. It is a thrill every time I find that you have come to visit. It has been one year now and I continue to search for whatever talents I may have....not a lot of luck...but I keep trying. I love looking at all the special things that all of you do, it is the topping on my day.....My blog Birthday wish is...that we continue to find each other and share. Big Hugs, Mary This was what we woke up to this morning...I took this from my front door.
It is a snow day here in the Treasure Valley....the kids are happy. I can see them playing from my window. I am going shopping again for my daughters Birthday today, another year passed with love....