Saturday, January 19, 2008


Here is my Granddaughter Kayla....she is the one on the very top...Yikes. She is what they call a flyer since she gets thrown in the air alot. She loves it! Today she is working with the girls in a elementary school...they are having a day teaching them some moves. Kayla is a very busy girl, she is in her last year of high school...and works part time for JC Penny's. They came in second last year in the regional....I don't think we say enough good things about our teens....their are so many wonderful young people.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I wish this had scanned better....When we had taken out the outside walls of our house. We found a few things that I have kept. We are sure that these little items were put by children into the wall before it was finished. This house was built in 1906 and the walls were original to the house...long story, hard work inside and out. So today I was cleaning...when I am upset the house gets really cleaned...I yell a lot at the dust and such that gathers when I am not looking. And to make me more upset than I can tell you, I am trying to get some weight off...bad timing, but is there ever a good time...I just know it has to start with me. So I thought since I found these 3 items it would be nice to share at Valentine time. It looks like they were made at school. The one has different eyes, you can move them. And the store bought card was made in the date. The heart is made of crepe paper on very thick paper, but not like card stock. The writing on the back of the store bought card is in real ink...
Getting through another day! Arney and Janet are right, the one with the car is probably from the 50's...he said it came from the ceiling when we opened it up.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Good-morning, I took this picture the day after Christmas. I haven't been doing anything very creative. I have had a lot on my mind and can't seem to find my center. Our Summit is going in for surgery the 25th and that just seems to be shadowing everything. I try to do things, but it doesn't help. Summit is 7 years old. He is a wonderful little guy, and he is scared. The surgery is to take a lump from his neck. They won't know what it is until they have it tested. The operation will take 3 hours with two doctors. The place where it is can be dangerous to his nerves, and things that I don't really know about. So if I don't add a lot to my blog for awhile, I just have other things on my mind.
Big Hugs, Mary