Monday, March 17, 2008

A little Green

I was told that if you have just a pinch of Irish in ya, this is your day. I don't have any parties to go to. No parade down main street Nampa...but I am going shopping. I can spend alittle of the green...TEE-HEE. Have a good day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A very unhappy house

Like so many of you, I try to always have my camera with me. You never know when something will catch your eye. Yesterday while yard selling, I went down a road that was unknown to me. And there this neglected house stood. I didn't take a picture of all the trash in the back. I thought it unkind to dishonor this Ole Man of a house, un-kept and lonely standing in the blue sky. I thought of what it might have looked like in the snow. The truck in the back was also empty, someone lived here, but it must have been awhile ago. I am sure the local teens have found this.

A trash can sets in front near the door, so maybe the neighbors are trying to clean things up.

This was a strong well built house. Maybe a Homestead house.

My Fathers parents lived in a house not unlike this...oh it was clean and flowers filled the yard, the chickens ate the little bugs from the yard. And that old cat called CAT by my Grandfather, was the best Mouse hunter in the country. You could have thrown that cat through the wall, I remember as a little girl laying in bed and the moon light came in between the wood. No dry wall or anything so modern, but Grandma papered her kitchen wall in News Paper, she changed it now and then. I would sit at the kitchen table and look at all the pictures. So old houses really talk to me. I have wonderful memories of the little houses I lived in as a didn't matter what they looked like, they were warm with family love.

I have started a new blog because I need to put down stories, things that are in me that need to come to the for front. We will see!

So Good

I made Janet's Crock Pot dinner and we really enjoyed it. Nice on a cold evening. Thank you was Ymmmmmmmmie!
Spring is really in the air....I got to adventure into yard sales yesterday. I bought some beads, a brand new little rug for my bathroom, and last but not least, I found this Coach Bag for my Jenny. It cost me 5.00, and it is worth alot of money. I went to the Coach site and nothing there was cheap. Jenny came over last night and was so excited. It is soft leather, and fit her like it was made just for her.
As you can see, it is a purse/backpack. The pictures do not do it justic, but you get the idea. So I am feeling very pleased that it was waiting just for me, and I could give it to my Jenny.