Friday, October 26, 2007

On a sunny afternoon!

My family lived in Lakewood, California. My daughter Jenny had a room of her own that she couldn't sleep in, so Arney and I changed rooms with her. That was the coldest room I have ever known. No matter what time of year it was. Time went by and we moved back in our room and put Jenny on a cot in our we could sleep. Arney was not going for the thought of something strange, it was just how the house was built. So we didn't talk about the room when he was around because he would tell us we were nuts.......It was a sunny afternoon in Southern California and we had just came home from a day at the beach. Arney decided he would take a shower to get the sand off. Then he stood in front of the sink combing his hair when all of a sudden he got a big slap on his necked butt. No one was in the house, we were all in the front yard sitting and talking to our friends from across the street. He looked everywhere in the house trying to figure out who hit him on his body was there. Besides the bathroom door was closed....HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! He then believed that something was happening, maybe it had something to do with that cold bedroom after all......

Happy Halloween

I have always enjoyed Halloween...I did all kinds of stuff when my kids were little to get the mood set. I made black punch, it was not great to go to school the next day with kinda gray teeth. Now I don't get into it as much, but still enjoy the kids that come to my door. We don't get many little tricker's as we used to...we live on a farm and we are a little spread out. May your day be filled with candy...Hugs, Mary Did you hear that???? It is getting closer!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Good-morning, I have missed you all. my computer has been acting up. I still will go visit will take awhile.
I have been busy....each year the ladies of our church have a Bazaar...this year I made Victorian Cones. These were made to be hung on doors with little gifts and notes. I made 20, but keep one for myself. I hadn't made these before and now plan to do some for Christmas.
I hope all of you have been well. I can't wait to see all that you have done while I was away. Happy Fall...