Saturday, March 1, 2008

1935 news paper add

I just read a book on the depression in the 1930's. It was very interesting because it was a child's Diary. It was really amazing how so many lived in that time including my father who lived on a farm with his family during the Dust bowl. In this Diary was a add from the local paper...I thought about what it said, it has such deep meaning. I remember when my Grandparents and even my Mama and Dad seemed to keep the strangest things. Paper was never wasted, use the back and the front my Mother would say. Don't lose those Bobby pins, I am not made of money. Food was never to be thrown away. If nothing else the Dog and cat got the leftovers. Or the chickens. I don't think I had store bought bread until I was about 7 years old. I can remember my Mother using the coffee grounds twice so that you got more coffee from a pound. I am sure that we were poor, but I didn't know anyone that was truly rich. I had 2 pairs of shoes, one for school and the other for church. My Mama had taps put on them so they would last longer. In the summer we just went barefooted, and if you grew to fast that was just to bad, no new shoes till September when school started. I am not unlike my Grandmommy, she couldn't throw anything away until it was either falling apart or to stained to get it out. Then she would take the buttons off and put them in a jar or can. I remember hair ribbons, they were hung neatly on a large hook at my Grandmommy's. The used nails in a can, they still worked, why throw them away. I could go on and on about this, but in these days of change, I believe we need to think more about the waste. Just a thought for a Saturday morning. I thought about making a sticker to go on my car. I just had a thought...gum, I would save it after chewing it all day. That does sound gross!

Friday, February 29, 2008

A gift for Kristie

I have learned alot about patients doing this project. This was fun, but with that came alot of time spent. Not a quick craft. Kristie's Birthday is Sunday and to be honest, I wasn't sure it would be finised in time. Jenny and I are going to the Mall in Boise Sunday to buy Summit's 8th Birthday gift from me. I will buy Jenny and myself a fun treat of cheesecake from the Cheese Cake Factory...yummy. No I didn't forget about my diet (change of lifestyle).Then we will take a piece of Cheesecake to Kristie with our gifts. I am excited to give it to her and a little nerves...Yikes!....on the back is their names.

Last Saturday was spent at the cheerleading regionals...Kayla was selectioned to go on to Nationals. This is a awful picture...but if you click on it, you will see the makeup, it is really pretty. Not this picture Grandma!!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lowe's Lead

Good news on a Monday evening. Arney got the Lead at Lowe's. He started the Job I think in late September, not bad for a newbie. I hope your having a great day. I am tired from staying up so late last night watching the Oscar's. Or maybe it was all the drinking..sure Mary!