Saturday, February 2, 2008

Follow the River by...James Alexander Throm

I have read this book before and somehow lost it. It is really good. A page turner. If you have family from West Virginia, Ohio or kentucky this could be of real interest to you. It is about Mary Ingles, her thousand mile ordeal.
It continues to snow...tonight we are in white outs all over this valley. The winds are out of control. I can't believe the winter we are has been along time since we have seen this kind of winter. Burrrrrrr! I think Garfield would say something like, I hate the weather man!

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's time for Hearts!

When I found this ole Valentine....what I thought was so beautiful was it was to her Papa. From Viola 1917....Sweet! The ribbon is still really red, so it has been kept very well. I collected post cards when I was in the business of buy & selling Antiques and collectables. I did it when I lived in Southern California, I should have stayed with it, but sometimes life gets in the way. Idaho didn't offer the outlet I had in California. So I have some things I kept, it reminds me of the fun of the find...and that people would buy what I found.

B is for late!

I made a couple of Boxes for the giving of socks to my lunch friends. This is something I have done before. Thought you might enjoy seeing one. I now have the cold that has been going around. Thank goodness it is not the flu.
Idaho is still under a blanket of snow. The sun is shinning today, but it is cold.
Summit went back to school, he was so happy! Remember second grade, he has a little crush on his teacher....she is young and very pretty. My teachers were all ugly until the 6th grade. Mr Marr ....I think every other girl in the class couldn't get their eyes of him....I got really good grades that year.
Have a great weekend....Hugs, mary

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Snow day!

Here are a few picture of our latest snow....tomorrow we are supposed to get more...
This is my porch girl....she now has a alot of snow on her hat.
This is my storm door opened....couldn't open it any wider....
Mattie is heading to her favorite place to pee...and as you can see LB has already made some yellow snow. Arney had taken the snow off the walk way 3 times before I took this picture.
And then a glimps of the blue sky...
We haven't had this much snow in along time. You can see the houses have heat going....snow melting.


Summit went in this morning for the test results and everything is wonderful. He got a clean bill of health....lots of smiles of joy with the whole family here and elsewhere. Again thank you all for your support....we are greatful for all good thoughts and prayers for our little guy.
Big Hugs from Summit too!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I want to thank you all for the words of encouragement and prayers. It has been a long few days. They have taken the tube out of Summit's throat, and now he just has to get stronger and heal. Jenny made a cake for her Dad so we spent the evening last night. Arney's Birthday is today....Cory & I went together and got him surround sound. It's nice.
We should have all the tests back Weds. or Thursday. He is week and pale, but looks wonderful to me. I can sleep now.
Thank you also about my weight loss, I am determined to get healthy....I haven't felt good for along while. I have always been if anything over active and this weight has slowed me down to almost a halt. Big Hugs from the Evans Clan! Your Mary
I am so excited for Janet....WOW!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

7 days

My journey to weight loss started 7 days ago today. I have lost 4 pounds.
It's not earth shaking, but it is a baby step forward.
I will return this evening with a update on far it is all good.
Big hugs, Mary