Saturday, March 15, 2008


Norah's Art made the most beautiful envelopes. I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I have these stamps that have lay in a box for years, now I will use them. I am writing my Sister in Law a letter and she will get it in the envelope...Thank You Sharon, I did this last night...sending Monday. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wash Day

It came to me that since I no longer work, I am very unorganized. When I was working everything got done in a timely manner. So here I am with all this time at home I dreamed of when I was working, and I seem to be letting the hours float away. It's not like I am sitting around eating Bon-Bon's. Which brings me to share how my Grandmother had a mental list of what her week would be. And believe me, it was done just so. I made this list last night as I remember her routine.

Monday-Wash Day

I remember handing her clothes pins. And learning how to fold little things. She was a story teller, and this is when she would share things with me. She seemed to have a story about everything. And since she was Seventh Day Adventist, God was always part of the lesson.

Tuesday-Ironing and mending. This was when I learned to iron tea towels and then aprons. I was so proud. Most of the mending she did by hand, but she had a sewing machine also.

Wednesday-Market Day...Granddaddy would come home early from work to take us shopping. List in hand off we went. Grand Mommy loved to shop, she looked at every little thing and would say how pretty it was or this would be of no use to me. I knew we would be going to the Dime store ---New berry's for a cherry coke while Grand mommy looked at fabric. She loved fabric.

Thursday- cleaning day, and that meant every...everything spit spot! Oh that cherry wood!
This seemed to be a day of just getting things done....
Friday- was baking bread, love the smells that came from the kitchen. All the cooking was done on this day. The weekend was like a long picnic. Cold fried chicken, yummm or that pot of beans with fresh bread...not bad. I loved my Grand mommy's chocolate pie...

Saturday- church and that could be a all day thing, sometimes we had visitors after church, and they would have lunch with us. My Grand mommy loved to feed people, no one was a stranger ones they passed through her door.

Sunday- a day of rest...a day trip to see family, or the park...or just staying home and playing games.

Now with all that good teaching, you would think I could honor her memory and do the same.
I left this all behind when I was 7 years old.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ready to give

I finished the box last night....I can hardly wait till Friday. The box was a little candy box. I took off all the advertising and collaged this paper on the box. Then added the vintage picture.
This was really fun to do....just had to share it with you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A little Irish

When I was a little girl (a hundred years ago) the stories of the old country was shared at family gatherings. I was always told, you look just like your great Grandmother. She had red hair and brown eyes. Just like me. And my Great Grandpa Miller would say you are just like her. I was to young to realize what this all ment until I was older. Her picture hung at my Aunt Sylvia's, so I understood what they were saying. Her name was Pershie Durban, she gave birth to 13 children in Kentuky and died soon after her last baby was born. Leaving Great Grandpa to raise all these children. The story of her life is so beautiful, and I am so blessed to have the story's to share with my children. My husband is a Evans...very Welch. And on his Mothers side we are very Irish in this family. So I am a Irish Indian...Oh no! Arney is a Welch Irish man. My poor children are a mess!
I will get back to blogland and all your wonderful blogging very soon. It has been really busy here, so much to do, so little time. Does anyones spell check work?
I know you have all been very creative while I have been elsewhere...Big Hugs, Mary