Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mama & Me

In memorie of my Mother, she is missed. I learned much about life from my Mama, she was a open book, each page brought a lesson in survival, making do with very little, her search for love when others would have walked away. Books are written about ladies such as she. I am blessed to have known her and to have loved her.
Mama & Me

Gifts for my little Mom's

Happy Mother's Day!
I made these for Kristie, Terri and Jenny. The one on the far right is for Jenny, it has a lock of her son Summit's baby hair. Terri picked out the one picture she liked while visiting at tax time. But she didn't know what it was really for. (click on picture to see it better)

This is my family, we all live her in Idaho within 20 miles of each other. They are wonderful people, all making a life that I love. And when we gather it is marvelous in my eyes & heart. ( click on picture to see them clearer)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prom Time

Kayla came over a couple of days before Prom and tryed on her dress for Grandpa & me. No makeup and hair not done, I still thought she looked beautiful. Her shoes matched the color of her dress, they were the strappy type so you could see her salon done matching green toe nails. And her nails were done to match also. She was Matchy-Matchy! These are the moments that stay with us, my little Sweetheart. Graduation is so close...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A garden in our orchard

We have had gardens here season after season, but this year we decided to make a special place for our garden. So Arney rolled up his sleeves and now we have a garden spot. Here are a few pictures. As you can see, I was working very hard taking the pictures. Wait a minute...I did hold the measuring tap ones....