Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dressmaker Form

Between the house cleaning...Soaps (All my Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital) my Mother got me hooked on these many years ago, and this little project, my day was really filled. This was a craft that was given to I think 7 of us gals from my craft group. We could do anything we wanted. They also will be sold at our bazaar...wish you could come. I had found this torn apron at a garage sale and paid 25 cents for it just because it was very old and I wanted to give it a home. I love the fabric and like most of us, I had a thought and off we went. I hated to cut it. I painted the wood a off white, waited for it to dry and off I went....thought you might enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


For to many years to count I have made tags for our church bazaar. I was going through one of my craft books and found this picture, and thought it was really special. The fall colors and a peaceful way about it. So I copied it to my computer and added the words and cup. I can't take any credit for the picture.
I will add a hole and ribbon to tie and off we go.
I haven't looked in on anyone for a couple of days.....Arney's new job at Lowe's started yesterday. I think the people there are treating him really good. This is a new world for him. So we inter a new adventure in our life....change is good.
Take care.....