Monday, October 1, 2007

Mama Kittie

We moved on the farm with our long time friends Garfield & second in command City Slicker. I am sure Garfield had put the word out that he was king of the farm. The days of summer were flying by, and fall was in the air when in the middle of our drive stood a gray cat that would soon be called Mama Kittie. She would come to the gate like she wanted to visit and then she would be gone. This went on for awhile. She seemed to be very self reliant, but her curiosity brought her to our gate. I spoke to her softly and she would listen, but would run if I came to near. We thought she probably lived somewhere in our barn, although we never saw her there. Soon we saw the reason she was coming so near, she had 4 little reasons for coming to us. As she sat at he gate, we saw the babies, they were waiting for orders from their Mother. She may have lived here for years. As the kittens one by one came to the back door we were already getting food for them. Mama had many little families, we called them barn kitty's. They all came to our back door. We couldn't make pets of them because they were wild, but they gave us much pleasure.
I know we have a lot of cat people in blog-land, just thought this was good to share. It's the little things in live that give us that smile within.