Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last curtain hung

I finally got the last curtain hung....I had 5 big windows. I am still feeling week, but I am on the mind. Arney just drove in with a truck full of pickets. He is putting them around our garden. Now if the weather would just get warmer. I have bought some some Heirloom tomatoes from a lady here in town. Jenny found her for us and picked them up for me. But we have had night freezing, so we can't put anything in the ground yet. This has been a cold spring so far. I think we will have a short growing season. Thank you all for the get well notes. I am going to be fine....Hugs


Janet said...

It does seem as if parts of the country have had a loooong winter and a chilly spring. We have been having great weather here but I know the really hot weather is coming!

Your curtains look so pretty. The color is great. In the winter months I have drapes that color that I put in the living and dining rooms. Since they're made of some really heavy fabric I change them out in the warmer months to something lighter. Maybe I should have gone to your sale and gotten some of these sheers.

Julie said...

Hi, I have been reading, but not commenting. I truly do hope you are on the mend now.

It has been cold, cloudy and windy here for days. They promise rain, but we never get it. Yes, spring is slow here too.

Betzie said...

Hi Mary,
Glad you are feeling better! We've had a cold spring too. I love the color of your new pretty! I love redecorating now and then, just cheers you up to have something new to look at.Take care!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hey Shop girl! The weather is keeping us guessing...and it'll have us buying our tomatoes until the 4th of July I guess!
Glad you are feeling better. Curtains and stairway look great!